About Us

Our facility has a new and exciting technology. We utilize an infrared laser as well as state of the art electrical therapy and a full functioning Theraband� system to promote strength and bone health. 
Prestige Chiropractic uses a variety of adjustment procedures that are most suitable for your age, body type and condition.  Some of the basic techniques are:

The Gonstead Technique:

Detailed analysis of spinal X-rays is used to determine correct adjustments to be administered.

The Activator:  

A small tool which delivers a light, measured force to correct misalignments with a gentle and painless move of the vertebrae.

Applied Kinesiology:

Applied Kinesiology is a light massage to various reflexes and sometimes to acupressure points to help balance the muscles to a misaligned bone, restoring normal muscle function, to allow the adjustments to be more effective.

The Palmer Toggle Recoil Technique:

A speed and precision adjustment in which the hands are placed over the subluxation and the elbows snapped to give sudden pressure. There is no joint cracking.

The Sacro-Occipital Technique (SOT):

Padded blocks are placed under the patient in the pelvic area to allow the body to adjust itself.

The Active Release Technique:

Simple pressure to tender areas to release muscles from localized spasm.

Motion Palpitation:

Joints felt as they are moved to determine fixations.

The doctors here at Prestige Chiropractic are highly qualified and have the best interest for our patients.  In practice we strive for excellence through the highest of superior patient treatment, education, and satisfaction.

Here at Prestige Chiropractic it is the personal goal of each Chiropractor to help educate residents in the Chicago community on wellness and neuromuscular health in a natural way in order to improve their quality of life